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OERs at KCC: Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

Faculty Guide

This is a work in progress. Please contact the guide creator to make suggestions or to request further assistance with finding discipline specific resources. Visit the Find page for the comprehensive list of OER repositories.

Children's Literature

African Storybook based in South Africa, has a range of OER children’s readers based on African folktales and stories by African writers.

Education OERs

OPEN NYS - find OER courses and textbooks adopted at SUNY and CUNY for Education

NOBA Projectfind openly licensed textbooks and course materials for a various areas in Psychology

The following links are OERs adopted at SUNY and CUNY:

OpenStax Psychology Textbook

Introduction to Psychology: mostly OpenStax, but supplemental material including interactives and videos.

Lifespan Development: from the Washington State Open Course Library

Educational Psychology

Developmental Psychology: curated by Herkimer College

Organizational Behavior: curated by Herkimer College

Abnormal Psychology: curated by Herkimer College

Revision and Adaptation of Lumen Learning's OER Course Support.  Provided by SUNY OER Services.  Located at Licensed: CC BY: Attribution




OpenStax - Introduction to Sociology

Open- NYS - Introduction to Sociology - OER textbook and course materials adopted at SUNY


Open NYS - find OER courses and textbooks adopted at SUNY and CUNY for Anthropology


The following links contain open course materials on topics related to Mental Health: