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OERs at KCC: Creative Commons

Faculty Guide

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons provides free, easy-to-use copyright licenses to make a simple and standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work–on conditions of your choice. Instructors  and students can freely use Creative Commons licenced material and can apply Creative Commons licences by using the licence tool to material they create. This allows sharing of resources with other educators, schools, and the Open Education Resource (OER) community at large.


Creative Commons licensing is at the heart of the OER movement. CC allows creators to specify more flexible forms of copyright that allows "others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work."  There are a range of options for the type of use that CC licenses allow:




Search the web with Creative Commons filtered search engine to find web sites, articles, videos, images, and other resources licensed for sharing.

The content on this tab has been adapted from Portland Community College's OER - Open Educational Resources: Copyright guide and the University of Minnesota Libraries Open Educational Resources: Copyright guide.