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Finding Plays

A guide to finding plays in the Kingsborough library.

Welcome to our guide on finding plays in the Kingsborough library! This guide focuses on recent plays, most of which you can find in print at the Kingsborough library. (Usually on the seventh floor.) You can also find a list of online plays accessible through the Kingsborough subscription databases. 

On this page you can find some tips for searching for plays, or you can click on a category to be taken to a list of plays we own here at Kingsborough. The menu on the left side will also link you to lists of plays! f you don't find what you are looking for, let us know.  

Your liaison for theater in the library is Prof Julia Furay. Feel free to ask her (or any librarian) questions on finding plays.

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Feeling lost? Try clicking on the categories below to see a list of recommended plays. 

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Searching for Plays

The easiest way to find plays in the library is by using our search engine, OneSearch. If you aren't sure about what the title or author of the play is, try searching for the subject of the play and add the word drama (such as pittsburgh drama or african american drama if you are searching for a play by August Wilson). You can start by trying this canned search (using the OneSearch engine) for items with drama in the subject and play in the title. The results are not sorted by date or alphabetically, so you can filter the results as you wish!