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Theater, Film and Television

A guide to theater, film and television research for Kingsborough students.

Finding Books on Costume

BookWe have a number of books discussing costume, which can be found in various floors of the library including the referenece section and several of the floors of the circulating collection (including theatre/film, customs and manners, and technology). You can find them most easily by using OneSearch.

A few relevant subject headings for costume are listed below.  If you are searching in OneSearch, try using these words in a keyword search. Subject headings with more titles are listed in bold.

Clothing and Dress Clothing and Dress – History Clothing and Dress in Literature Clothing and Dress – Social Aspects
Costume Costume Design Costume Designers -- Biography Costume -- Dictionaries

Costume – Histories

Costume – History – 20th Century

Costume – United States -- History



If you would like to browse the collection, here are some potentially relevant call numbers. You can find further recommendations for subject terms and call numbers for each area of theatre and drama in the Books on Theatre and Film section

6th Floor:

  • Manners and Customs (Anthropology):
    • GT500-2370 -- Costume, Dress, Fashion
  • Decorative Arts
    • NK4700-4890 --  Costume
    • NK8800-9505.5 -- Textiles (fabrics)

7th Floor: 

  •  Drama:
    • PN 1600-2000 -- Drama
    • PN 1993-1999 -- Motion Pictures (Films)
      • PN1995: Specific themes, topics or genres (incl. costume)
    • PN 2000-4400 -- Dramatic Representation. The Theater
      • PN 2068 -- Theatrical makeup
      • PN 2085-2091 -- The Stage and Accessories

8th Floor:

  • Technology:
    • TT490-695 -- Clothing manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring
    • TX1-1110 -- Home Economics (incl. crafts)

Recommended Books on Costume

Websites on Costume

More information on costume is available at the following websites.

Costumes in Our Databases

Below you can find a few databases which may offer helpful images for those looking to research costumes.