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Theater, Film and Television

A guide to theater, film and television research for Kingsborough students.

Literary Criticism

For more in-depth discussion and analysis of a play or work of literature, the databases listed below may be helpful. For specific information on a particular production of a play, musical, or other work, see the Reviews/Criticism links listed later on this page. 

A number of our literary criticism reference books are also available in print. 

Theater, Film and Television reviews -- IN PRINT

Recent theater and film reviews:

You can find many recent theater and film reviews in print and online. If you would like to look at a print copy of a recent newspaper or magazine, you may find copies of the following in the periodicals section on the 3rd floor of the library (this is not a complete list -- see Journal Search for comprehensive subscription information): 

The New York Times The Wall Street Journal
The Village Voice The New Yorker


Historical theater and film reviews:

Many film, theater and television reviews can be found in our online databases, but the Kingsborough library also has a number of print resources with chronological theater reviews. The series below can be found in the reference section of the library.

Theater, Film and Television Reviews -- ONLINE


For very recent reviews, you may find a lot of information via Google News or other similar search engines which bring you hits from the open web. Many news sites store much of their content behind paywalls, however. As Kingsborough library users, you can get access to many of these articles. The Kingsborough Library subscribes to many, many more news and magazine publications through our databases. For recent articles from popular news sources, try searching the following databases:

Academic and Scholarly Articles

For more in-depth discussion and analysis of a piece of theater or film, you may want to consult articles from scholarly journals. Several suggested databases are listed below; you can find more recommendations on our A-Z List of Databases page by clicking on the "Subject" dropdown list and choosing your topic.