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EPS 3600: Planetology (Dr. Steven Jaret, Fall 2023)

Using Internet Resources

As a reminder, you can't cite Internet resources in your Planet Paper.  However, you can use them to find photographs or pictures for your presentation!  Below is a list of trusted web-sites published by government organizations, museums, and non-profits with expertise in the field of planetary science.

Recommended Web-sites for Your Presentation

Not every useful resource is locked behind a subscription database! Here are some web sites on planetary science that you might find helpful in your research. 

Museum of Natural History

NASA Planets Overview

NASA Planetary Science Program

National Air & Space Museum

The Planetary Society

Evaluating Web Resources

Have you ever wondered about the trustworthiness of the information you find on the internet? Given that anyone with internet access can put up information, most of what you find using Google has not undergone a review process. For these reasons, when you use Google, you need to be your own reviewer of Googled sources to ensure what you find contains factual information. 

Where do you start?

Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself when assessing the reliability of websites and other information you find using Google. 

  • Is there a listed author of the Internet resource? If so, what do you know about this author's education, work history, affiliations, additional publications, etc.?
  • Is there a date indicating when the Internet resource was last updated or published?
  • Does the Internet resource cite the work of others?
  • Does the content of the resource seem balanced and scholarly--or does it seem to reflect the views of one person or organization?
  • Who published the Internet resource? Was the web page published by a business, university, government organization, or professional association?
  • What is the intended audience for the Internet resource? Is it appropriate for college-level research? Or is it geared toward secondary education or a more general audience?
  • What is the domain of the Internet resource? If it ends in .org, .gov, or .edu it is more likely to be a reliable source (but not always). If it ends in .com or .net it is less likely to be an appropriate source for college research.