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EPS 3600: Planetology (Dr. Steven Jaret, Fall 2023)

What are Academic Journal Articles?

Academic journal articles are:

  • Found in academic (also called scholarly) journals 

  • Authored by academics and researchers

  • Written for an audience of other scholars, researchers, and students

  • Written to advance scholarship and knowledge

  • Reviewed by academics and scholars (“peer-reviewed”)

  • Include bibliographic references

Using Databases to Search for Articles

  • The most efficient way to search for academic journal articles is to search in scholarly databases which index numerous journals.
  • Below are suggested academic and science scholarly databases that you can use to search for articles for your research paper. 

  • Follow the links to the databases and then enter your search terms to search for articles.  If you are broadly searching for articles about a specific planet (such as "Venus"), you may want to search for the name of your planet and then add an additional search term like "planet" or "solar system" to help narrow the search results to articles on planetary science. (This way, you will be avoiding articles with non-scientific references to Venus, such as the statue Venus de Milo or the tennis star Venus Williams.)

  • In many databases, you can also apply filters to limit your search, such as limiting to articles from peer-reviewed journals or to certain publication dates.

General Academic Databases

Here are a few of the best databases for searching for academic journal articles on a variety of subjects, including planetology.

Science Databases

Here are a few of the best databases for researching science topics, including planetary science