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New Arrivals at the Kingsborough Library

HIghlighting the exciting new books and databases in our collection


Welcome to the Kingsborough library guide to new books and databases. This guide will highlight new arrivals at the KBCC library! It is intended as a tool to help our library users find out what books and databases have recently arrived or been activated.

New Books

New Databases


Drama Online - National Theatre Collections 1 & 2

Drawing on 10 years of NT Live broadcasts, alongside archive recordings never previously seen outside of the NT’s Archive, the National Theatre Collections 1 and 2 are now complete and offer a total of 50 filmed performances.

Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2010

The Financial Times began as a City of London news sheet and grew to become one of the best-known newspapers in the world. It has chronicled the critical financial and economic events from the late nineteenth and entire twentieth centuries to today. This historical archive is a useful source for those studying economics, business history and current affairs.

Health and Environmental Studies: Archives Unbound

This collection focuses on how the environment and our health are closely related. Researchers can find archival documentation about international reaction to global warming and climate change, the development of environmental health policy, the war on drugs, and more.