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ENG 12 (Prof. Maxine Krenzel, Spring 2024)

What are Scholarly Articles?

Scholarly articles are:

  • Found in scholarly (also called academic) journals 

  • Authored by academics and researchers

  • Written for an audience of other scholars, researchers, and students

  • Written to advance scholarship and knowledge

  • Frequently reviewed by academics and scholars (“peer-reviewed”)

  • Include bibliographic references

If you're unsure if a journal is peer-reviewed, do a Google search for the journal's web-site.  Look for the "About" page, which will have information about the journal, including whether it is peer-reviewed.

Recommended Databases for Starting Research

Here are a few of the best databases for searching for academic journal articles on a variety of subjects, including education and knowledge.

Education Databases

Here are a few recommended databases for researching topics related to education, including writing.