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Review Guidelines

Guidelines to help with the review of LibGuides

The Checklist

  1. To make links readable by Screen Readers, hyperlink text rather than writing out a URL
  2. Please be aware that gallery boxes are difficult to navigate using Screen Readers. (The Screen Reader can't read the titles of the books until the user clicks on them.) If you wish to use gallery boxes, please make one of the following accommodations to make them more accessible:
    1. Add the titles below the cover art images in your gallery. To do so, go to "Gallery Settings" (look for the cog icon) and under "Caption Position" select "Bottom". (The CSS has been modified so that only the titles will appear beneath the images.) If you have very lengthy titles and the text looks awkward, contact a reviewer for assistance. One option would be to shorten the titles.
    2. Create a gallery and then add a list of clickable titles (such as adding "Book from Catalog") to the page as an alternative way for Screen Readers to view the titles.
  3. When sharing links, set them to open in a new window
    • This prevents the user from navigating outside the LibGuide.
    • TIP: After you add a URL in “Link Info”, click on “Target”, then select “New Window” and save. See image above.
  4. Always provide alternative text for images
    • One way to do this is to go to “Content”, then “Image Manager”, click on your image, and then enter your description of the image in the box “Alternate Text”.
  5. Provide captioning or transcripts for video clips and provide transcripts for audio clips when possible.
    • YouTube can auto-caption your videos.
  6. Ensure that the colors you use are accessible by providing appropriate contrast.
    • You can check if the colors you are using are accessible at the WebAIM Contrast Checker.
    • Color should not be the only signifier of meaning, as a Screen Reader won’t understand the meaning.
  7. Check documents (Word docs, PDFs) attached to LibGuide for meeting accessibility standards when possible
  8. Make sure the guide displays well on mobile.
If you need help with any of these, please ask!