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CUNY Academic Works


Responding to our communities' needs for open scholarship and open education materials, CUNY Academic Works is an institutional repository that enables professors to make their work accessible to their students, colleagues, and the public at large. Items in CUNY Academic Works are discoverable in Google, Google Scholar, and CUNY OneSearch.

For Kingsborough faculty, CUNY Academic Works offers an excellent space to showcase and promote your work, including journal articles, book chapters, conference presentations, and work in progress.

Academic Works also enables the production and dissemination of Open Educational Resources ranging from short assignments to whole textbooks. It is a platform for promoting the contributions to knowledge made within the college and its programs. It is a repository for student achievements including theses and dissertations but also student publications, presentations, and award-winning writings. Finally, it is an archive preserving the history and development of CUNY and its accomplishments. As such, it is intended to heighten the visibility of the university, the college, and the various individual programs.

Examples of possible contents are:

  • Published books and articles
  • Presentation slides
  • Administrative documents
  • Archives
  • Historical or architectural plans
  • Newsletters
  • Conference proceedings
  • Embedded video and audio clips
  • Data sets
  • Course descriptions and syllabi
  • Bibliographies and reading lists

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