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Library Fall Services: Library Fall Services

This guide is for students to reserve a time to either pick up textbooks or use Study Space.

New Services at the Library

Fall Services

Welcome Back Kingsborough Students!!
We know it has been a tough year for everyone and we are all looking forward to reaching some state of normalcy. A couple of things to highlight as we move forward:
  1. The library will be waiving any and all overdue fines on a student's record. If you have a book from before the pandemic, simply return it when you can and the fines will be waived.
  2. In order to manage the number of people in the library, we will be offering a pickup service for all books, including textbooks.
    1. You will need to reserve a time to come to the library to check out Textbooks. Please follow the "Textbook Request/ Study Space" tab
  3. There will be limited study space within the library and only on the second floor and third floor
    1. You will need to reserve your study seat. These seats are only available for 1.5 hours maximum. You can reserve a study space.  Please follow the "Textbook Request/ Study Space" tab
  4. The stacks (floors 6-8) are closed for study. You will need an appointment to visit offices on those floors
  5. The computers within the library will be using a reservation system found here
    1. There is a short video on how to reserve a lab computer when you follow the link.