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Librarian at the Reference Desk: Study Space Reservation

Frequently referred resources for the librarian in Fall 2021

How to reserve library seats

  1. Click reserve textbook/ study space on library website
  2. Inform students on the Fall Services information 
  3. Click "Textbook Request/ Study Space"
  4. Click "Book a Seat/Space"
  5. Fill out form (Either Textbook Pick up Desk or Study Areas
    1. If location is "Textbook Pick up Desk", Category will auto populate
    2. All spaces are accessible so if patron needs to click that box they can
  6. Choose a green box for the time the patron wants 
    1. Textbook pick up slots are 10 min increments 
    2. Study space slots are 90min increments, maxed out at 3 hrs
  7. Scroll down to submit times, click "Submit Times"
  8. A window about Covid restrictions will pop up informing students need to be vaccinated in order to use the library, click "Continue"
  9. Fill out personal information and click "Picking up" 
  10. Finally click "submit my booking" the patron will get an email to the email address listed on the form.