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EPS 3600: Planetology (Dr. Steven Jaret, Spring 2023)

Why Use Books

Reasons why books could be excellent sources for this project.

  • Books provide in-depth information on a range of topics and often contain excellent bibliographies.

  • Books on the same subjects are grouped together, so looking for books on the shelves can often lead you to find other great resources for your topic.

  • Remember, as Kingsborough students you have access to far more than just what is on the shelves here at Kingsborough. We have many ebooks (which you can read or download from your home computer). Additionally, if a book is available on the stacks at another CUNY school, then you can have it sent here via Interlibrary Loan.

Tips for Finding Books on Planetary Science

Books on planetary science will likely be found under some of the subject headings below. Try entering some of the terms below into  OneSearch and you'll find many titles. The list here is not exhaustive, but intended to give you a place to start while searching.

  • Planets
  • Names of specific planets (Mars, Jupiter, etc.)
  • Solar System
  • Meteorites
  • Asteroids
  • Comets
  • Moon
  • Planetary Science

Books about the solar system and planets generally begin with the call number QB500. You can browse through these titles on the 8th floor in the library. If you need help locating a particular title, please ask a librarian at the reference desk (2nd floor) for assistance.