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Eating Animals: Student Guide to Library Resources: Author's Chapter Notes

Online library guide for students in Prof. M. Fadem's courses


Among many good reasons to read Eating Animals is the author's Notes section.

There, you will find a listing of the sources used by Foer as reference support for his book. Students may use these sources for further research and/or reading.

The tabs on this page show the main chapters of the book . Each chapter contains most of the web resources Foer has provided that are accessible and relevant to the central themes.

On each chapter tab, you simply need to click on a link to access its source document. Enjoy your research!

Section 1: Storytelling

"Edible medicinal and useful plants for a healthier world," Plants for a Future.

Section 2: All or Nothing or Something Else

"If My Children Go Veggie I'll make them Sit on My Electric Fence!; Exclusive: Gordon Ramsay's Shocking Recipe for Raising Kids" in The Mirror April 25 2007.

"Dog meat, a delicacy in Mizoram" in The Hindu, December 20, 2004.

"Man bites dog" in, October 28, 1999.

"Guts and Grease: The Diet of Native Americans," West A. Price Foundation, January 1, 2000.

"Philippines Dogs: Factsheets," Global Action Network, 2005.

"Dogs' dinners prove popular in Nigeria" in BBC News, March 6, 2007.

"Pet overpopulation estimates," Human Society of the United States.

"Animal Shelter Euthanasia," American Human Association, 2009.

"Stewed dog (wedding style), " RecipeSource.

"Man's Best Friend Actually Woman's Best Friend; Survey Reveals That Females Have Stronger Affinity for Their Pets Than Their Partners" in bnet, March 30, 2005.

"The United States Meat Industry at a Glance,", 2009.

"Livestock's long shadow: Environmental issues and options," Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2006.

"Putting meat on the table: Industrial farm animal production in America," 2008.

"Extinction, survival, or recovery of large predatory fishes," Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, January 29, 2005.

 "Impacts of biodiversity loss on ocean ecosystem services" in Science, November 3, 2006.

"Global trends in world fisheries: Impacts on marine ecosystems and food security," Royal Society, January 29, 2005.

"Quantifying the effects of fisheries on threatened species: the impact of pelagic longlines on loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles" in Ecology Letters, 2004.

"What is a Longline?" Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, 2009.

"Report for Biennial Period, 2004-5," International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas, 2005.

Section 3: Words/Meaning

"United Egg Producers' animal husbandry guidelines for the U.S. egg laying flocks," United Egg Producers Certified, 2010.

"Cage-free egg production vs. battery-cage egg production," Humane Society of the United States, 2009.

"A nation of animal lovers - as pets or when they're on a plate" in Japanese Times, August 20, 2006.

"Chicken meat production in California," University of California Cooperative Extension, June 1995.

"2011 - 2012 Broiler production systems in Georgia: Costs and returns analysis,", 2012.

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"How breeding companies help improve broiler industry efficiency,", February 2009.

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"Chapter 574 - Cruelty to animals: Prevention and punishment," RS 574.200, 2007.

"Diet, energy, and global warming" in Earth Interactions, 2006.

"Going veggie can slash your carbon footprint: Study" August 26, 2008.

"The state of world fisheries and aquaculture 2012," Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2012.

"Six arguments for a greener diet," Center for Science in the Public Interest, 2006.

"CAFOs uncovered: The untold costs of confined animal feeding operations," Union of Concerned Scientists, 2008.

"Hogging it: Estimates of anitmicrobial abuse in livestock," Union of Concerned Scientists, 2011.

"Mitigating climate change through food and land use," Worldwatch Institute, 2009.

"State of the world 2013," Worldwatch Institute, 2013.

"Meat and poultry labeling terms," United States Dept of Agriculture, 2006.

"Federal Register Online," GPO Access, 2008.

"Egg carton labels: A brief guide to egg carton labels and their relevance to animal welfare," The Human Society, 2009.

"The poultry label says fresh," US Dept of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service.

"About pigs," The Human Society.

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"Scientist finds fish are as clever as mammals,", August 29, 2008.

"A view to a kill" in Gourmet, June 2007.

"KFC responds to chicken supplier scandal,", July 23, 2004.

"PETA ruffles feathers: Graphic protests aimed at customers haven't pushed KFC to change suppliers' slaughterhouse rules" in Chicago Tribune, August 6, 2005.

"Unhealthy and inhumane: KFC doesn't do anyone right" in American Chronicle, July 19, 2006.

"Advisory Council," Kentucky Fried Chicken.

"Tyson workers torturing birds, urinating on slaughter line," PETA.

"When kosher isn't kosher" in Tikkun, 2005.

"The issues: Organic," Sustainable Table, 2009.

"Fact sheet: Organic labeling and marketing information," USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.

"Latest pet project: better treatment for animals: industry agencies try to create protocol for improving living, slaughtering conditions" in Nation's Restaurant News, September 22, 2003.

"Public lukewarm on animal rights" in Gallup News Service, May 21, 2003.

"Consumer preferences for farm animal welfare: Results of a nationwide telephone survey," Oklahoma State University, August 17, 2007.

Section 4: Hiding/Seeking

"Poultry fact sheet no. 16c: California Turkey Production," Cooperative Extension, University of California, September 1997.

"The welfare of broiler chickens in the EU," Compassion in World Farming Trust, 2005.

"Food, fuel, and freeways: An Iowa perspective on how far food travels, fuel usage, and greenhouse gas emissions," Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 2001.

"Celia Steele & the Broiler Industry," History of Sussex County, 2009.

"Environmental policies for a sustainable poultry industry in Sussex County, Delaware," Ph.D. dissertation, Lynette M. Ward, 2003.

"Water quality assessment of the Delmarva Peninsula," US Geological Survey.

"An unsavory byproduct: runoff and pollution" in Washington Post, August 1, 1999.

Section 5: Influence/Speechlessness

"World is ill-prepared for 'inevitable' flu pandemic" in Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 2004.

"Ten things you need to know about pandemic influenza," World Health Organization, 2005.

"Hemagglutinin," RCSB Protein Data Bank, April 2006.

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"Recent trends in poultry supply and demand" in India's Poultry Sector: Development and Prospects.

Section 6: Slices of Paradise/Pieces of Sh*t

"Family Suidae; hogs and pigs," University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, 2008.

"Pig trucking and handling: Stress and fatigued pig" in Advances in Pork Production, 2005.

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Section 7: I Do

"Bonlinas Journal; Welcome to Bolinas: Please keep on moving" in New York Times, July 9, 2000.

"Biofuels' crime against humanity" in BBC News, October 27, 2007.

"Global cereal supply and demand brief," FAO, April 2008.

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Section 8: Storytelling

"The history of Thanksgiving: The first Thanksgiving,"

"The history of Thanksgiving: The Pilgrims' menu,"

"Top 10 myths about Thanksgiving," History News Network, November 21, 2001.

"Forida teacher chips away at Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving myth" in USAToday, November 21, 2007.

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