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Use this guide to find resources for your end of the semester term paper

POL 5100- Term Paper Resources

Welcome POL 5100 Students! 

Please use this guide to help find sources for your paper. I have attached directly links to ebooks, databases, and help videos 

Below is a message from your professor: Professor Kaufman

For All Students,

The Topic of the Paper will be the current state (pros & cons), recent trends & outcomes, critiques, and reform proposals, with respect to our Presidential Electoral Processes  

You may focus on the Nominating processes, the Primaries, the Campaigns, the impacts of money, and issues concerning the Electoral College.  = 

The latter could include such issues as laws and delays in counting or receiving ballots; impacts of early and mail-in voting; frivolous lawsuits over electoral fraud; recounts; and the debates over the representativeness (or democratic nature) of the electoral system, over the way the Electoral College numbers are allocated among the states with different populations, and over the winner-take-all systems adopted in most states, instead of Proportional Representation (as adopted in many Party Primaries), or other methods (such as the national popular vote Interstate Compact passed by many states already).              

*The Paper will be due no later than the last week of class.

*Keep your analyses concise, to the point, narrow & focused on just 1 or 2 of these issues - (the Paper should be no more than 7 double-spaced pages) - and you should consult in your research:  relevant Books (including those available on Reserve Online in the Library), relevant reports & studies from some of the major organizations noted below, at least 3 or 4 relevant articles in scholarly journals, and several relevant news reports or expert opinion essays.

Helpful databases

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Indexes to look at

Newspaper Links

Tutorial on New York Times Academic Pass